PREP: 10 minutes   COOK: 30 minutes   MAKES: 18 Sliders


  1. Butter inside of top and bottom of slider buns and toast in a pan or griddle until lightly golden brown.
  2. Spray a pan with non-stick spray. Heat slices of capicola for approximately 1 minute per side over medium heat.
  3. Once capicola is fully heated, pile the slices together in the pan and cover with Swiss cheese until melted.
  4. Place the capicola with melted Swiss on the bottom slice of KING'S HAWAIIAN® Slider buns, followed by the slices of spicy candied bacon.
  5. Add french fries, lightly pressing to hold into place, and squeeze the honey dijon dressing in a zig-zag motion over the fries.
  6. Top with coleslaw and tomato slices.
  7. Add top buns and a toothpick to hold everything in place.
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